Thrash Metal Band Warbringer

Thrash Metal band Warbringer was formed in 2004. The founding memebers John Laux and Victor Mikhaltsevich met in high school. They both loved thrash metal and started writing instrumentals together which led to the formation of Warbringer. They were originally called Onslaught but upon discovering there was another band with that name they changed it to Warbringer.

Century Media signed Warbringer after attending a local thrash metal show in LA. The Century Media representative was there to see another LA thrash metal band but instead decided to sign Warbringer.

For news and tour dates visit:  Warbringer Official Website

Warbringer discography

2006: EP- One by One, The Wicked Fall
2008: War Without End
2009: Waking Into Nightmares
2011: Worlds Torn Asunder

Warbringer’s Official Videos

1. Combat Shock

2. At The Crack of Doom

3. Shattered Like Glass

4. Severed Reality

5. Future Ages Gone

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Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste

Thrash Metal Band Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste is an insane punk meets thrash metal band that was formed in Richmond, Virginia in 2000. Some might say they are a crossover band which means they are a mix of punk and thrash metal.

Municipal Waste debuted at a Richmond New Year’s Eve Keg party in 2000/2001. They were blamed for instigating a small riot. Municipal Waste are influenced by other thrash metal/crossover bands as DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Animosity-era Corrosion of Conformity, Nuclear Assault and Attitude Adjustment.

For news and tourdate visit:  Municipal Waste Official Website

Studio Albums

  1. Municipal Waste (An EP released in 2001)
  2. Waste ‘Em All (2003)
  3. Hazardous Mutations (2005)
  4. The Art of Partying (2007)
  5. Massive Aggressive (2009)
  6. The Fatal Feast (2012)

Music Videos

1. Thrashin’s My Business and Business is Good

2. Headbanger Face Rip

3. Sadistic Magician

4. Wrong Answer

5. Acid Sentence

6. Wolves of Chernobyl

7. The Fatal Feast

8. Repossession

9. You’re Cut Off

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